Free Halloween Haunted House on SW32nd Avenue, Deerfield Beach, FL

Halloween Community Event – Haunted32

Founded in 2012, Haunted 32 is a free Halloween community event in Deerfield Beach, FL for everyone! If you would like to be part of Haunted 32, please take a look at our Sponsor page! We are looking for volunteers, sponsors, materials, candy and more!


The pictures above were all taken at the Haunted 32 event 2012 in Deerfield Beach! Last year’s theme was the haunted pirate ship Keeper of Souls, and her cursed crew. This year’s theme is now official, The Haunted CarnEvil!!



This year 32nd Ave. will be visited by Dr.Desmond Samhain’s Traveling Carnival and Sideshow Extraordinaire! Prepare for the festival of a lifetime! Bring your little ones and test your skill at our many games booths. Prizes and candy await! Come and stare in awe at our sideshow freaks! For over a century, Dr.Samhain has lived and crafted his very own brand of spectacular!  A word to the wise, do not venture too close to the abandoned funhouse. Not all who enter will leave, and those that do, will never be the same……

Help us keep this event free for the kids and show your support!

This Halloween, get ready to be SCARED, Deerfield Beach!

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